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We thrive on getting women into cycling. It doesn't matter who you are, where you live or what you look like. Bikes represent freedom. Independence. Adventure. A way to see the world differently. 

MindBodyBike is about supporting you in your journey. Whether that's learning a bit more about your bike, appreciating what your body is capable of or overcoming some of your anxiety about riding.

You don't need to change for us. We're here for you. 


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We've put together the best resources for you to get started in cycling, no matter what level you're at! We've given you a little peek below at just a fraction of the dozens of videos and resources we have for you:

  • A how-to video from Katey Bates showing you how to take your hand/s safely off the handlebars
  • Day 1 of a very gentle beginner's workout to strengthen your legs
  • A meditation written with the help of an NLP expert 
  • A how-to video with Coach Nicki showing you how to best use your foam roller!
MBB Mind
Indulge yourself to calm and inspire the mind with resources including:
  • Mindfulness and meditation tracks specific to bike riding
  • Yoga and relaxation sequences suitable for beginners
  • Confidence boosting blogs and interviews
Strengthen your appreciation for your body through:
  • Flexibility and foam rolling sessions to assist with your recovery
  • Bite sized strength and conditioning workouts 
  • Nomnom recipes and tips for nutrition on the bike
MBB Body
MBB Bike
Get confident, comfortable and excited about your bike with:
  • Mechanical and technical how to videos
  • Zwift rides and bike training programs
  • Etiquette, technique and resources to help when you first start out.
There's not much that can beat being part of a #girlgang:
  • Forum to engage and connect with likeminded ladies
  • Social media to engage, inspire and educate
  • Online and IRL events to hang out, hear from inspiring people and connect.
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