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By Chicks Who Ride Bikes 

If you are getting into cycling, or you just love to ride, join the fastest growing community of female cyclists, globally.

Members get access to a range of health, wellness and fitness content all focused on empowering you to ride your bike.

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Knowledge at your Fingertips


Bikes. There's a lot to learn, and it can be really daunting trying to figure it all out on your own.

Let our panel of coaches, experts and the women's cycling community help you achieve your goals.


What's Inside?

We've worked with experts to create workouts and strength programs, stretches and recovery sessions, recipes, meditations, and how-to guides for bike skills and maintenance. 

Think of it like a ride buddy in your pocket!


Get back to balance with meditations, yoga and resilience coaching.


Get comfortable and strong on your bike so you can ride longer.


Learn more about your bike and get the skills you need to ride confidently.


Everything is more fun with friends. Get supported, encouraged and inspired!


Thanks to Zwift, riding indoors is no longer the boring snoozefest it used to be!


Is a club even a club without some sweet discounts on merch & swag?

How does membership work?

Joining MBB couldn't be easier. As a basic member (aka EXPLORE Membership), you'll get INSTANT and UNLIMITED access to:

  • Unlimited access to all of the meditations, yoga, resilience coaching, strength, stretching and bike stuff you could want
  • Live Q&As with our expert coaches and panel
  • MBB Community & Forum
  • MBB Member Connect where you can search for ride buddies near you
  • 6 Week Zwift Training Plan (beginner-friendly) to start building some base fitness
  • Articles, how-tos and guides in our Knowledge Centre
  • Early bird access and discounts on signature courses as they're released

Being a beginner takes courage

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, DISCOVER Membership is for you.

As a DISCOVER Member, you get total access to everything we have to offer on the MBB platform, PLUS an additional 80 modules which go through the complete basics of cycling to help you get started.

From what to wear, what to snack on, skills like how to drink from the drink bottle - you'll be feeling comfident to tackle the roads and trails in no time.

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Want to Start Simple?


Our FREEdom Membership costs absolutely nothing and gives you lifetime access to:

  • MindBodyBike Community & Forum
  • Member Connect where you can search for ride buddies near you
  • Articles and guides in our knowledge centre
  • A 7 Day Self Love course to boost self-confidence
  • Ability to pay-per-program for anything you like the look of
  • A discount voucher for CWRB merch delivered straight to your inbox